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Meet Barb Reimbold,

Certified EOS Implementer®

Coming from a non-traditional entrepreneurial background, I have 25+ years of experience coaching and working with business owners and leadership teams to help them grow and turnaround their businesses.

Loving the impact and seeing the need for this work, I decided to leave the corporate world and start my own business. Always curious and trying to find new ways to deliver more value for my clients I came across a holistic system with practical tools and timeless concepts that was exactly what I was looking for to create real, simple impact for my clients.

As an EOS Implementer, I now work with business leaders to help them get more from their business — allowing them to run a better business and live a more balanced life.

During my journey, I have helped businesses achieve real results by

  • Improving their team’s productivity by finding the right people for the right roles in the organization
  • Identifying a clear organizational purpose after years of struggling to get everyone on the same page
  • Drastically increasing their revenue in a matter of months

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You can also reach me by phone or email:, 616-914-4417

Hear From My Current Clients!

“Barb adds a tremendous amount of value. She brings tools to us and teaches us how to use them, in addition to keeping conversations on track and out of the weeds.”

– Elizabeth Butler, Chamber of Commerce Grand Haven

“Barb helps us stay accountable and live the EOS life, which in turn makes GreenCup successful. We truly would not be the company we are today if it wasn’t for Barb. What we have learned from Barb and EOS has taught us so much and really brought GreenCup to the next level. It has given us the confidence to continue to grow and bring on more people and bigger clients.”

– Joanna Corrigan, GreenCup Digital

“Barb has added so much value! With her guidance and session times, we have created an incredibly strong team and solid processes for almost everything within our business. We were able to face any challenge with a unified mindset and really dial in on the root of our issues. In our last session, we had almost zero “scary” issues and were able to focus on profitability and growth rather than internal problems.”

– Elizabeth Carter, RED66 Marketing

“Barb has been a key part to getting us on track and accountable in every aspect of our company. We have been more productive in the last 6 months than we ever have been.”

– Dan, Big O’ Smokehouse

“Barb does a great job of balancing my urge for overly ambitious goals with focused, achievable ones.”

– Jay, Jay Inc.

“We have been able to really focus on our goals and stay in line with each other. Barb has helped us to become more organized and realize what goals we need to work towards first and how to achieve them!”

– Aubrey, I Heart GR

“Barb is really good at starting conversations and making sure everyone is heard, but she does not give us the answers. She’s helped us find clarity and deal with some pretty big growing pains when we had to add a lot of new people at one time. Yet, we’re still growing and our clients are happier than ever.”

– Rebecca, RED66 Marketing

“Barb has helped us clarify our goals to match the vision and hold us accountable quarterly if we hit those self-determined goals and if not, why.”

– Tiffany Szakal, The Local Element

“Barb has added value to our business by facilitating the EOS process and showing us tools so we can align our team, improve processes, and plan for goals.”

– Koty Nelson, Synergy Consulting Engineers

“Barb has helped to create a sense of alignment. She gave us tools to execute great meetings and keep everyone on our team accountable.”

– Matt Oesch, Swisslane

“We have found value in creating a systematic way of looking at projects. The L10 meetings have been invaluable to keep our team in the know!”

– Lorri Keller, Paragon School of Pet Grooming

Associations & Memberships

I am proud to be a Certified Women-Owned Business, and a member of the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, and Caledonia Area Chamber of Commerce. Want to learn more about these organizations? Click the logos below or contact me and I would be happy to connect you!

Grand Rapids Chamber

Barb Reimbold
Grand Rapids, MI
(616) 914-4417

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