This week, I wanted to share with you my own personal EOS journey and how my passion for coaching and helping business leaders, led me to become a Professional EOS Implementer.

Becoming My Own Boss!

Before becoming an EOS Implementer, I spent my career working with business leaders and their teams, coaching them on how to better their business. With over 20 years of experience in business transformation, strategic planning, and merger integration, I fell in love with the impact of helping others grow and turnaround their businesses

So, seeing the need for this type of work, I decided to embrace my passion! I left my job in the corporate world and became my own boss. I started Pivotal Blueprint so I could work with business owners and leaders of small to mid-sized businesses, empowering them as their business coach and helping them get results. 

However, shortly after becoming an entrepreneur myself, I realized running a business was easier said than done. During that time, I made plenty of mistakes—some of them the same mistakes I was telling my clients NOT to do! I was uncomfortable asking for help because I was afraid it made me weak. The realization that you can’t always do it on your own led me to discovering EOS.

My Personal EOS Journey

Always curious and wanting to improve myself to add value to my clients, I discovered the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) after talking to my network about what I do and having several people ask if I was an EOS Implementer. I wasn’t yet, but that prompted me to look into what the heck EOS is.  

With a holistic system, practical tools, and timeless concepts, I realized that EOS was everything I was already using for my clients, all packaged in a simple process and easy to use tools that created impactful results.

Seeing real results from the over 9,000 businesses globally running on EOS, I decided to implement it in my own business and become a Professional EOS Implementer to help my clients get something bigger and better for the future of their business.

Ready to Achieve Real Results?

This is why I’m excited to be where I am today—sharing EOS with others, helping entrepreneurs like YOU get what they want from their business, all with a proven system that eliminates the guesswork on what to do next. 

Through my business coaching sessions and some hard work, I will help you focus on achieving VISION, TRACTION, and HEALTHY. This means getting everyone on the same page, surrounding yourself with the right people for your needs, and creating your goals to achieve the results that you’ve been looking for. 

Ready to have fun and achieve your goals? Let me help you get more from your business—more control, more profit, and less frustrations. Let’s connect and see if EOS is right for you!