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Meet Barb Reimbold

Certified EOS Implementer™ and Business Coach

I embraced my own passion and started my own company, all to empower small and mid-sized business owners and leaders to help them achieve VISION, TRACTION, and HEALTHY.

My 20+ years of experience in business transformation, strategic planning, and merger integration has given me the opportunity to work with business leaders, coaching them and their teams resulting in 20% growth in 3 years, the restructuring of a business to achieve 23% growth with fewer people, and another achieved profitability within 1 short year (after never being profitable), and successfully guiding leaders through merging highly competitive retailers in just 90 days.

By working together to strengthen the Six Key Components™ for your business, you become stronger, more focused, and more effective. If you’re tired of quick fixes and unresolved issues, then let’s work together, either virtually or in-person, to implement a complete, proven system, with practical tools and proven processes will create real impact for you now and for years to come.

Living in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my husband and three kids, I am an active member of the Caledonia Area Chamber of Commerce and on their board of directors. I am also a member of American Corporate Growth (ACG) and Inforum. I am routinely presenting virtually or in-person about EOS and what it can bring to local and small businesses.

Ready to have fun and work hard? As a business coach dedicated to helping you work through your issues and achieve your goals, you won’t always love me and I’m going to ask you to work hard. However, I am also going to push you to be your best in a healthy and collaborative environment where you can truly get to the root of what’s not working, learn tools and processes to help your leadership and take your business to the next level. 

Let’s connect. Schedule a call or contact me today! 

Associations & Memberships

I am proud to be a member of the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce, Caledonia Area Chamber of Commerce, and Inforum. Want to learn more about these organizations? Click the logos below or contact me and I would be happy to connect you!



“Barb led and collaborated with the team well by giving boundaries and strategic relevance to help us focus while being open to new methods and information to shape the outcome. Barb kept us motivated with her passion to deliver an incredible yet viable customer experience.”

– Elizabeth Blair, Co-Founder, RentalEval

“Barb does a great job navigating through issues that can be more complex and ambiguous. She’s got a very approachable leadership style her teams have really appreciated. I also appreciate the very respectful approach she takes to giving feedback for people and helping them improve.”

-Bob Krestakos, VP Global Operations, Steelcase

“Barb led a significant organizational transformation at our Global Business Center. The results of her work changed the way we do business, driving efficiency while improving quality. This new business model continues to contribute meaningfully to the business several years later. Barb’s approach is thoughtful, inclusive and well-reasoned. She can navigate tough situations with empathy and connection to our core values. I very much enjoyed working with Barb and value her insights.”

– Nicole McGrath, International CFO, Steelcase

“I just have to give a shout out to the amazing Barb Reimbold.

1. She is amazing
2. She is great at what she does
3. She enjoys working with small businesses
4. She has taught me so much about my business that I didnt fully understand before!

So if you are looking for Strategic Business Consulting, you need to get in touch with this VERY talented woman!”

–Emma Hoekstra, Owner, Emma Elizabeth Jewelry

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