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Does Your Business Have Vision?

Does Your Business Have Vision?

As the leader of your business, if I asked you what the Vision for your company was, you could probably give me a pretty good idea. However, if you sat down with your team individually and asked them what your company’s Vision was, would you get the same answer? What...

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Give Yourself the Gift of Clarity and Rest

Give Yourself the Gift of Clarity and Rest

What is a Clarity Break? Picture a jar with sand and water. When we shake the jar, it becomes cloudy, making it impossible for us to see how much sand versus water, or even see through it at all. But, when we set the jar down and let it rest, the sand begins to...

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Leave Your Work at Work this Holiday Season

Leave Your Work at Work this Holiday Season

The Key to Happy Holidays for Your Company With the holiday season coming up fast, do you find you’re asking yourself how you’re ever going to get caught up at work for the holidays? When you’re a business owner or leader, you are often torn between putting in the...

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