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Progress Over Perfection

Progress Over Perfection

How often have you spent way too much time trying to get something juuust right? Often in our quest for perfection as leaders, we are actually holding ourselves and our business back from growing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting things to be perfect. However, it...

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Is Your Organization Living By Your Core Values?

Is Your Organization Living By Your Core Values?

We all have a set of values that help to define who we really are, and that’s what drives our decision-making, whether we know it or not. Think about what it feels like when we don’t have rules for our kids? The #1 answer I get when I ask this is: “Chaos!”. That’s...

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The 5 Abilities You Need as a Leader to Grow

The 5 Abilities You Need as a Leader to Grow

Have you ever felt stuck in your business? Like there is something stopping you from growing past a certain point? This doesn’t just mean growing your revenue or people, it might be that you’re stuck internally, with things not working how you want them to. All...

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