The Key to Happy Holidays for Your Company

With the holiday season coming up fast, do you find you’re asking yourself how you’re ever going to get caught up at work for the holidays? When you’re a business owner or leader, you are often torn between putting in the long hours it takes to keep your business running smoothly and spending time with your family at holiday events and gatherings. If you feel you can’t walk away from your work, and you’re stuck in the business with no one to delegate to, let’s talk. There is a better way.

As a leader, it’s important that you take time away. It clears your mind, helps you refresh and come back better. We can work together to implement EOS into your work life and finally get you to where you are Doing What You Love.

In Gino Wickman’s latest book The EOS Life, he notes the first and most important step to take to start Do What You Love: delegate! As leaders that can be uncomfortable for us, but if we want to take our business to the next level, we have to get okay with letting go. However, it’s not that simple. Delegation has two sides: the leader must let go and there needs to be someone in place to catch those responsibilities.

  • For the Leader to let go: not only do we need to know what responsibilities to let go of, they need to be willing to let go completely, and trust that those tasks can be handled without them. For anyone  who struggles with identifying the responsibilities they should be delegating, the EOS tool “Delegate & Elevate” will help you determine exactly what and when to delegate.
  • For someone to catch the responsibilities (successfully): you need to hire the right people for your company. Additionally, you need to ensure that your team fits your company culture and can consistently execute the tasks they are given. The Accountability Chart and People Analyzer are the EOS tools I recommend using to find the Right People for your unique team.

How EOS Tools Can Give You the Gift of a Relaxing Holiday Season

EOS implementation is a journey, as  we achieve our goals, we’re setting new goals or the world around us has changed. My clients who lean into the EOS tools & disciplines, especially when it comes to delegation, are the ones who are closer to living their EOS life and loving what they do 100% of the time. 

For leaders who have not utilized the EOS tools and disciplines and  are struggling to properly delegate their tasks to their employees, I often hear things like:

  • I can’t find the right people, there is constant turnover, no one sticks around
  • I keep telling my staff what to do, but they just aren’t getting it.
  • It’s just faster to do it myself
  • I don’t have time to teach them how to do their job
  • What if they get it wrong?

Even I struggle with delegation, because it can be scary to not know exactly what everyone on your team is doing without your direct involvement. However, when I let go of my calendar and email to my assistant, it gave me back time to focus on my clients while also allowing me to give my full attention to my family when I’m not at work. 

With my help, we can use EOS tools to identify what you need to take your company to the next level, and evaluate your current team’s strengths and weaknesses to understand who can handle what task. When you can finally get some things off your plate, you will find you are more productive and relaxed overall. Plus, it’s very empowering for your staff to feel trusted to take on critical roles in the organization.

Go Calmly Into the Hectic Holiday Season With EOS Delegation Tools

When at work, the more time we spend on the things we love and are great at, the more energy we get from our work, and the less it feels like work. Now imagine, everybody in your company working on what they love. It’s possible. It takes effort and we must be intentional to make it happen.  But, when we do, that’s when the magic happens. How close are you to doing what you love 100% of your working time?  Challenge yourself: If you’re not at 100%, what 1 thing can you delegate (and to whom) this quarter to get yourself closer to 100%?

Among the many benefits of implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System includes the tools to help business leaders delegate effectively and have the right people in the right seats in your business to delegate to. Let’s connect and I can show you how EOS can help you this holiday season!