Something that I have been hearing a lot this year is the need for businesses to pivot their business goals to focus on addressing new problems that arise. This year has presented unique challenges for many businesses to overcome. In the chaos and uncertainty of the present, it can be hard to plan for the future. However, planning is necessary to achieve real growth. 

By continuously pivoting to address new problems or opportunities, without considering how or if they can help you achieve your big goal, it can make growing your business seem like you are running a race with no finish line. It can also be exhausting for your employees.

The Importance of Setting and Focusing on Long Term Goals

As a business leader, it can be tempting to chase new ideas that pop up. But when you shift your focus to something new every week, all it really achieves is getting your whole organization off track from accomplishing your real business goals

Not only that but by constantly shifting your priorities, you fail to give your team clear direction, allowing your organization to become unorganized and unproductive toward any goal. 

You can only focus on so many things before your business, and your team, become stretched too thin and you aren’t achieving traction anymore. If you’re always chasing the shiny objects, you won’t bring any real results to your organization.

Set Your Rocks & Business Goals

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) can help you get more results out of your business, even when nothing seems to be working. As an EOS Implementer, I can educate you and your leadership team on how to identify the big items that will give you real, measurable results. Then I’ll hold you accountable in achieving them!

We call these big items your “Rocks” or the top priorities that you want and are able to achieve in a 90-day period and that ultimately works toward achieving your ultimate goal. 

Rocks help to move your company forward because they keep you focused on what’s most important for your business and keep you from chasing after those shiny things. 

At the end of each 90-day period, we will work together to set new rocks. Each quarter builds on the next so that even when you have a new shiny object (or a pandemic hits), you are always getting closer to the finish line of achieving your big goal. 

For example, when one of my clients received a small business grant during the pandemic, they had started down the path of ‘what shiny thing’ should they spend the money on. During our quarterly session together, ‘Spent Grant $’ was put on their issue list for us to IDS together.  I asked them “If you were to double your sales next quarter, where did you plan to invest in your business to reach your 10-year goal?” While those shiny things may look enticing, by looking at their VTO, 3-year picture, and 1-year plan they were able to stay focused, find the answers that kept their business moving forward, and on target for achieving their 10-year goal.

Want to learn more about EOS and how it can keep you on track to achieving your big goals? Contact me to schedule your free, virtual 90-minute meeting!