The new year is officially here! You and your team have hopefully had the chance to refocus and recharge and you’re ready to start tackling the new goals you’ve set. But how are you going to do that? How are you going to stay accountable in making sure you achieve them?

This is the biggest problem I see with businesses when it comes to annual planning and goal setting. Teams sit down, set goals, but then the traction that they gained fizzles out because no one was held responsible for achieving them. Then they repeat the process, year after year, stifling progress and never seeing the results they are waiting for.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System provides a way for organizations to instill focus, discipline, and accountability throughout their entire team so that everyone is working to achieve their goals every single day. Looking to crush your 2021 goals this year? Here’s how EOS can help.

Keeping Your Vision in Focus

Achieving your goals starts with understanding why you’re working toward them to begin with. Holding yourself accountable to your vision means deeply understanding the reason why it matters.

In EOS, we call this your VISION, or the place you are trying to take your business that makes accomplishing your goals important. EOS helps to make sure that you keep your vision in focus when making decisions. As you work toward your goals this year, keep that vision at the top of your mind to continue to motivate and push you.

Set Realistic Timelines

One of the biggest missteps I see with businesses setting goals is that they fail to set deadlines for when to reach them. You know what I’m talking about. When you set a goal with a never-ending due date, that one thing that never gets crossed off your to-do list. We keep it in the back of our minds saying “I’ll get to it eventually,” but we continue to push it out hoping that one day it will magically get done, but it never does.

That is why EOS lives in a 90-day world. Every 90 days, we take a hard look at your organization. Where is it currently and where do you want it to be? How can we improve? Then we set our Rocks or our goals that we can realistically accomplish in the next 90-days that work toward achieving our larger vision. This process gives you a realistic and achievable deadline while giving you actionable steps to work toward your goals.

Review Your Progress

Part of the reason I think living in a 90-day world is great for leadership teams is that it gives you the opportunity to look back and see what was successful and what wasn’t, or what you should continue to keep working toward and what goals should be adjusted or changed.

By continuously reviewing the progress you are making towards your goals, you can re-evaluate your needs, adapt to new challenges and opportunities, and motivate your team to keep going

Holding You Accountable

If you and your team are consistently struggling to stay on track, an EOS Implementer can help keep you consistently working toward your goals. When you are accountable to yourself, it can be easy to let your commitment and dedication slip and slide.  And when we don’t hold ourselves accountable, it sends the message to our team that 1. You don’t care or 2. It’s not important enough.

Often, this isn’t the case, rather it’s that you were caught up in the day-to-day tasks making it so that you never find the time to focus on the important job of working on your business and figuring out how to achieve the goals you have set. With an EOS Implementer, your team will always have someone there who is committed to making sure you stay accountable by giving you the time, energy, resources, and tools for you to start working for the future success of your business.

Are you ready to have fun in 2021 and work hard to achieve your goals? Let me help your business implement EOS and keep you on track so that you can get more out of your business. Let’s connect!